Digital Story Project

Story project

Story project

For this week digital story project, I decided to create a Children’s book. I encountered some setbacks as the concept that I had in mind was to find a platform that would allow me to use borrowed images, music or sounds that I would then integrate into a book. I decided to write my story using story bird which is an app that allows you to create your own story using images from its database. Basically, the concept of Story bird is that once you find the right image this then leads you to a series of similar illustration by the same artist, which should be used to complete your story. Story bird does not allow for audio, otherwise it would have been the perfect all around app for this project. Below is the link to my story bird book. Below is the link to my Story bird book. Illustrations by Paul McDougall for Storybird.

Accordingly, Story bird allows you to print your story into a PDF for a small cost of $1.99. I went ahead and printed my story in a PDF file. I then scanned the PDF and uploaded the images into my phone. The next step to fulfill the audio requirement of this project was downloading an app called “Little Story creator”. This App allows you to upload your own pictures, add audio and text. For the Audio, since I had several characters and I wanted each to have a distinctive childish voice, I used the voice audios from another app “Sock puppet”. I also integrated my own voice for one of the characters (Vice principal Grumps), as I needed a more sturdy mature voice for this character and the options on soc puppet where not suitable in my opinion. This project was not the easiest, it took much research to find the right media that would properly suit my story. Perhaps their is an easier single route to accomplish, but I’m still a bit behind in the tech world so integrating several app’s was the only way that I was able to make this work. Hope you enjoy my story!


One thought on “Digital Story Project

  1. Ooh! I didn’t see that you could print to PDF when I made a book for my daughter through their site. Loved working with the web-based storybird software. I think I’ll go back and see if I can print to PDF still instead of ordering the hard copy (my book had like, 21 pages and would cost waaaaay too much).

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